Life Support Systems (LSS)

West Coast Aquarium Industries' aquatic creations feature state-of-the-art filtration and lighting systems to ensure healthy, balanced aquatic environments – the key to maintaining the health of your fish, and the value of your investment. Your life support system will be customized to your application, type of inhabitants, animal density, available space and client preferences.

Lighting: Complete lighting systems are offered from standard fluorescent, power compact, to metal halide.

Water Circulation: A variety of styles and types of pumps are available and designed for proper water circulation and to ensure the proper flow rate of your filtration system.

Biological Filtration: Biological filters are designed to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria to remove toxins from your aquatic system. Options include fluidized bed biological filters to wet/dry sump systems.

Mechanical Filtration: Canister filters designed to remove free-floating particulate matter from the aquatic system.

Chemical Filtration: Chemical canister filters and activated carbon remove dissolved compounds and elements in your aquatic system and help keep your water crystal clear.

UV Sterilization: UV sterilizers are types of canisters that house germicidal light bulbs that can kill free-floating bacteria and parasites in your aquarium system and help ensure the health of your inhabitants.

Ozonization: This type of filtration is the oxidation of dissolved organics in the aquarium system through the application of ozone.

Protein Skimming: A type of foam fractioning that removes dissolved organic compounds in your aquarium's water.

Heating and Cooling: A variety of heaters and chillers (refrigeration units) are offered for optimum temperature control of your aquatic system.


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