Aquarium Decorations, Inserts & Artificial Reef

Coral and Lava Rock Aquascaping

This is the most popular type of decoration used for saltwater fish aquariums because it is fairly inexpensive and creates a realistic display. Using real coral and lava rock, this type of aquarium decoration features real bleached corals in a variety of color and textures. Corals are natural and vary in size, color and shape. The lava rock accents the coral to give the aquarium a more natural appearance. West Coast Aquarium Industries coral is usually sold by the case however piece by piece ordering is also available. This is the most realistic coral display of all the aquarium decorations because real corals are used to create the display.

Fiberglass Reef Sculptures

These forms are medium priced and create an attractive rock like display. Reef Sculptures are fabricated using synthetic materials and are limited in design only by the designers imagination. The Reef Sculptures are free standing and are practical and aesthetically appealing. The sculptures can be utilized to disguise pre-filter boxes (over flows). The sculptures can be made on a pvc frame in sections making them easy for installation and cleaning. The sculptures can also be made in most any color.


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